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With group officer in Jakarta, Balikpapan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and the USA, along with a worldwide network of affillated airlines, agents and partners, PT. Tri-M.G. Intra Asia Airlines offers the very best in and passenger services, freight moving and ground support that is offered in Indonesia today By opening our new hub here in Jakarta we are conviced that the quality of service we have to offer will be unrivalled For further details of the services on offered simply contact our address shown.


Capt. Gibbrael Isaak

Capt. Gibbrael Isaak

Dear Valued Client, In today's world of globalization and hight speed technology, I am sure you will welcome arrival of an airline service dedicated to helping Indonesia base companies expedite their passenger, air freight and air-craft chartering needs in a higly efficient and economical manner.

With the backing of almost thirty year of airlines experience, PT. Tri-M.G. Intra Asia Airlines was established to take all of this vast knowledge and amalgate it into one higly efficient and competitive package, that will give our valued clients the kind of edge they need to keep ahead of their competition.

Our fleet of two Boeing 737-200 quick change aircraft four Boeing 727-200 cargo aircraft along with our exciting Antonov fleet, operating out of our new hub in Jakarta, will be combined with our exciting world wide network, to give our valued clients the flexibility and reliability need in today's business world.

Added to this already impressive list of networks and services it is our intention to expand our fleet in the future, to further secure our position at the head of the field to cover new teritories of Middle East/Africa and India.

Our aim is to create an ENVIRONMENT OF EXCELLENCE whereby our partnership with our valued clients will thrive and grow for many years to came.

We look forward to receiving you as one of these partners.